Creature Feature ‘Orang Ikan’ Starts Filming Next Month

by Thomas Tuna

Can friendly enemies survive this horror show?

Orang Ikan–a World War II monster flick–is slated to start production sometime next month, according to Variety. No release window has been announced.

The horror pic–written and directed by Mike Wiluan (Buffalo Boys)–stars Dean Fujioka and Callum  Woodhouse, and is set in the Pacific in 1942–where a Japanese ship is transporting POWs to occupied territory as slave labor.

As fate would have it, the ship is torpedoed by Allied submarines, and a Japanese solider and British POW become stranded on a deserted island. Even worse, they discover they’re not alone–they’re being hunted  by a mythological creature known as the Orang Ikan, a human-fish hybrid.

Unable to communicate with each other, “the two mortal enemies must come together to survive the unknown.”

Producer Eric Khoo pointed to a classic Universal monster pic as the inspiration for this new film. “I grew up on a steady diet of horror movies–ranging from the supernatural to monster flicks,” Khoo said. “One of my childhood favorites was 1954’s Creature from the Black Lagoon.”

And then, during the pandemic, he said, “I came across Hell in the Pacific, a war film about a Japanese solider and an American soldier marooned on an island who were trying to kill each other. So, I thought–what if an Orang Ikan came ashore in that scenario? In order to survive, the two enemies who have to learn to team up to battle this beast.”

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