Comedian Billy Eichner Joins American Horror Story Season Seven Cast

by Nick Banks

Deadline broke the news today that comedian Billy Eichner will join the cast of the seventh season of American Horror Story.

Eichner (best known for his acidic wit and antics on his Billy on the Street talk show/game show on TruTV) will supposedly portray,”…a close confidant of (Sarah) Paulson’s character and mostly will be wearing mysterious tank tops.”  That’s right, mysterious tank tops…

Eichner is also rumored to “… be in six or seven of the 11 episodes in Season 7, which begins shooting in May.”  Ironically, Eichner joked recently on a Billy on the Street episode that the only opportunity for him on scripted television was to appear on American Horror Story and get killed.

American Horror Story’s seventh season will supposedly focus on the recent election season, albeit in an allegorical fashion (and we all know that AHS is really chock-full of allegories, both real and imagined by fans and creators alike).

Stayed tuned to Horror News Network for more more information on other “mysterious” types of clothing that characters will be wearing this season on American Horror Story as well as other pertinent information about Murphy’s “mysterious” plot.

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