Clive Barker Gives Fans Updates for Upcoming Projects

by Mark McCurley

Like Pinhead to a human soul, horror mastermind Clive Barker is tearing the internet apart with updates on projects of his that are in the works. Namely a new novel, titled Deep Hill, and a television series adaptation of his Marvel comic character Ectokid.

While doing an “Ask Me Anything” session on the Subreddit r/horror, Barker teased fans on several upcoming projects by writing, “I also have a new novel, Deep Hill, a large collection of out-of-print short stories, new short stories and a novella called Mercy and the Jackal, with the collection to be called Fear Eternal.”

Although plot details on Deep Hill are under wraps, in an interview with Clive Barker Revelations, he said the novel will involve a “world of waste, how we (society) deal with waste.”

In 2012, Entertainment Weekly reported that Barker went into coma for several days after having contracted toxic shock syndrome that was triggered by a visit to the dentist when spillage of poisonous bacteria was released into his bloodstream and almost claimed his life. When he recovered, Barker remained a man committed to his work more determined than ever and helped finish his Director’s Cut of Nightbreed.

He is continuing to see the upcoming projects full and through, which goes with the update he provided on Ectokid.

In the same AMA session, Barker was asked by a fan if he had any adaptations of his work that haven’t seen the light of day or if he was interested in taking on any of his formerly unrealized projects.

He then explained, “In the last month or so, several projects that I’ve always wanted to see as films or television series have been pursued by producers and will be turned into events for television or cinema in the next few years. They include: Imajica, Weaveworld, Nightbreed, more tales from the Books of Blood and also a television series based upon the comic called Ectokid. There are others in the works, but all of those are moving along nicely.”

A comic series from by Marvel Comics under Barker’s Razorline banner, Ectokid ran for nine isuses from September 1993 to May 1994 and was about teenager Dexter Mungo, the child of a mortal and a ghost, who is able to see and interact with the dangerous, interdimensional Ectosphere.

In the story Dex, as he is called, sees the world as it normally is through his right eye, but through his left he can see into the Ectosphere, a dimension similar to Earth but with a number of crucial differences. All the regular-Earth buildings are in the same places, but have crusted and coral-covered appearances. This strange world is populated by creatures and races right out of myths, legends and nightmares.

There is definitely a lot in the pipeline from Barker coming down in the next few years, check back soon for updates on everything as they’re announced!

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