Clancy Brown Cast as Main Villain in ‘Dexter’ Revival

by Mark McCurley

As if getting another stab at Showtime’s Dexter isn’t enough, Clancy Brown has now been cast as the main villain in the revival series according to Variety.

Brown’s character, named Kurt Caldwell, is described as the de facto mayor of the small town of Iron Lake. Caldwell made his American dream a reality after moving up from driving semi-trailer trucks to owning an entire fleet and the local truck stop. A man loved by the people, he takes care of those around him. However, damned be anyone who crosses Caldwell or the people close to him.

There is not much known about the plot of the 10-episode upcoming season. The new series was ordered in October 2020, scheduled to film in early-to-mid 2021 and air in the fall of the same year. What is known is that Michael C. Hall will definitely return as Dexter Morgan, an avenger of sorts that murders serial killers while being one himself. What compelled viewers through the show’s eight seasons was his method of operations, being a killer that also works as a blood spatter specialist for the Miami Police Department.

Brown is a character actor whose definitely been in his share of horror films and shows, such as Pet Sematary Two, Starship Troopers, Fox’s Sleepy Hollow and most recently the anthology picture The Mortuary Collection.

Are you excited for more Dexter? Check back soon for more on the upcoming revival series!

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