City of Rott 2 Announced

by Rob Caprilozzi

Eight years after the Rott Worm Plague decimated planet Earth, Harry, a Walker Fu Master, joins forces with an outcast Scout, Max Bludharte. Against all odds, the duo must find a cure for Max’s ever-tormenting skinworm infection, uncover the mystery of a crashed UFO, and put a stop to an evil Tyrant and his Army of ruthless Scouts. Meanwhile, a mysterious lone Assassin is hellbent on killing all in his path as he lures endless Zombie Hordes into the city. A bloody trail of death and destruction follows at every turn in the epic “City of Rott 2”. 


Animated Blood, Gore and Violence. Full Length Animated Feature Film from Director F. Sudol of BlackArro Productions (City of Rott, Dead Fury, Shock Invasion) Release Date:  Fall 2014. 

The Original “City of Rott” was released by Unearthed Films and available on Netflix, Movie Gallery, Hollywood Video and more, gaining cult hit status. 


City of Rott 2 will be available for DVD on and is separately being rendered in HD 1080p Resolution for Blu Ray,  while currently seeking Blu Ray Distribution in the US and Worldwide. 


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