Chucky And His Son Become Subjects Texas Amber Alert System

by Lacey Gelzinis

We all know that the Amber Alert system is used for notifying the public of missing children. This past Friday, the citizens of Texas had a strange message from their states alert system when it pictured famous Child’s Play characters, Chucky and his son Glen, as a suspected abductor and an abducted child!

The alert described Chucky and Glen in extremely accurate detail with height, weight, physical appearance, and clothing color and style included. People who were subscribed to the Texas Alert System received the messages 3 times that day. The agency stated that the alert was “the result of a test malfunction.” They apologized for any confusion and will work to ensure it doesn’t happen again. There was no more explanation on how or why this event may have occurred.  An entertaining mistake for us horror fans, yet still a very strange mistake.

The Child’s Play franchise consists of 8 films, various shorts, games, and comics revolving around Chucky, a serial killer who escapes death by transferring his soul into a “Good Guys” doll using a voodoo ritual. The doll then goes around committing the heinous acts for him, physiologically manipulating and confusing people in the process. Production on a new TV series for “Chucky” is slated to begin later this year to air on the USA Network and SyFy, so stay tuned for that news!

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