‘Chrysalis’ Review

by Rob Caprilozzi

Review by: Stephanie Shamblin Gray

Title: Chrysalis
Director: John Klein
Writer: Ben Kurstin
Producers: Caleb Thusat & Brittany Heinrich
Cast: Cole Simon, Sara Gorsky, Tanya Thai McBride, Kate Spence

Synopsis: Living in the aftermath of the apocalypse, survivors journey across a barren, decayed world and fight off infected creatures that were once human.

Our Thoughts: Do you like a healthy dose of hopelessness with your horror? Well, then “Chrysalis” is definitely for you! Horror News Network staff had the fortunate opportunity to see a screening of the Los Angeles premiere at the 2014 Shriekfest film festival. While the synopsis may sound like a fairly ordinary zombie flick, the film manages to rise above expectations.

“Chrysalis” is a zombie story that is set way into the apocalypse. Like 20+ years into the apocalypse. This film by director John Klein and writer Ben Kurstin provides a very different world perspective of the characters. The three main characters did not attend school or know a normal life before needing to fight for survival everyday. They grew up in a world where everyday was a fight for your life and most people lost that fight.

The film begins typically enough by following Penelope (Sara Gorsky) and Josh (Cole Simon) through the broken-down mid-west. They soon meet Abira (Tanya Thai McBride), who offers them hope of meeting others. This is where it becomes not so typical. This film is brutal and could be hard to watch for anyone expecting to have nothing more than a gore-fest. This is a horror film that will pull at your heartstrings. In fact, you may find yourself surreptitiously wiping the tears from their eyes. This film will pull you in a chew on your a little.

While I heard that this film had a very slim budget, you won’t be able to tell. Exceptionally well shot, everything in this film works. The cast, the music, the locations, the effects, and even the wardrobe. As zombies have recently become the “in” thing, it is easy to overlook something that may be considered just another zombie story. “Chrysalis” is not just another zombie story. It reaches to levels of despair rarely seen in any movie. It is heart-wrenching while frightening all at once.

The movie is available for sale on their website. I would highly recommend giving it a try: http://therestaredead.com

Score: 8/10

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