‘Christine’ Reboot Gets John Carpenter’s Endorsement

by Thomas Tuna

“Come on, big guy. Let’s go for a ride. Let’s cruise.”

Horror fans may be forgiven if they forgot that a Blumhouse remake of John Carpenter’s 1983 film adaptation of Stephen King’s classic Christine was being planned–after all, it’s been two years since word first broke on the project–but Carpenter and one of the original film’s stars recently threw their two cents into the mix.

While there has been no word yet about a production start for the project led by writer/director Bryan Fuller, Carpenter and original star Keith Gordon recently discussed the remake with Total Film.

Carpenter, in fact, seemed to be optimistic about the project. “Well, good luck to him (Fuller),” the legendary filmmaker said. “It will probably be better.”

Gordon echoed those sentiments. “I think he (Fuller) is really talented,” the actor said. “And he’s a good person to do it. Christine could be told in a different way and not be an insult to the original.”

Fuller–creator of Hannibal and Pushing Daisies--said his screenplay is “a very faithful adaptation of the book. The book was in front of me the entire time I was writing the script.”

Fuller added he believes his film is “more beholden to the vampiric relationship between the car and Arnie. And Roland LeBay has a lot to do in the story–and he wasn’t even in the Carpenter movie.”

King’s novel follows the changes in the lives of Arnie Cunningham–and his family, friends and teenage enemies–after he buys a classic red-and-white 1958 Plymouth Fury named Christine. It soon becomes apparent that the car has a mind of its own and a possessive personality–and a very bad influence on Arnie.

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