Chloe Zhao Still Working On Dracula Feature–With A Twist

by Thomas Tuna

Dracula with a blaster?

Horror fans were intrigued a couple of years ago when Oscar-winning filmmaker Chloe Zhao (NomadlandEternals) said she was working on a decidedly different take on the most iconic film vampire ever–Dracula. Since then, not so much. But hope, apparently, springs eternal.

The director’s original idea was to place Bram Stoker’s most famous undead creation in a “futuristic science-fiction western”. So, what’s up with this unique film–which would be scripted and directed by Zhao?

During a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, the filmmaker had a terse response when asked if her Dracula feature was still in the creative pipeline. “Yes,” Zhao said. “I’m writing the script right now.” Fans will have to be satisfied with that for right now.

Zhao previously had shed a bit more light on her version of the Lord of the Vampires. “I wanted to see what essence I can find in Dracula,” she said, “and then be able to reimagine this character I love so much.”

Zhao added that she likes “complicated characters. Stoker’s novel was a very important book for me. Immortality is something I want to question and understand.”

With so many questions left unanswered on this project, keep reading Horror News Network for any updates on this new twist on the Dracula legend.


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