Chilling Adventures of Sabrina #2 Review

by Rob Caprilozzi

Review by: Rob Caprilozzi


Writer: Roberto  Aguirre-Sacasa
Artist: Robert Hack
Publisher: Archie
Release Date: April 15, 2015
Rating: 9 out of 10



Synopsis: On the eve of Sabrina’s sixteenth birthday, as she faces a choice that will determine her destiny as a half-witch/half-mortal, an unspeakable terror arrives in Greendale, and her name is… Madam Satan! At long last, the secret history of the Queen of Hell is revealed, as she sets her vengeful gaze upon the Spellman family. No one, especially those close to Sabrina, is safe, and very, very soon, the quiet streets of Greendale run red with blood…


Our Thoughts: A masterpiece of horror. End review. Really, there isn’t much else to say…. 

If you grew up a fan of Warren Publishing books like Vampirella, Creepy, and Eerie you will fall in love with the look of the book. You can almost smell Autumn in the air when you hold the book in your hand.

Robert Hack’s art is such a perfect fit for a book set in the 60’s. Every page will leave you wanting more.

Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa keeps hitting home run’s since writing for Archie Publishing. Although it is only on its second issue, the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina may be better than Afterlife with Archie. Think about THAT for a minute…

We are absolutely enthralled with this comic and we can’t wait for issue three of the series.


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