‘Child’s Play’ Finishes in Second Place at Weekend Box Office

Child’s Play (2019) finished second at the box office this weekend, making an estimated total of $14 million.  While finishing in second is never a bad thing at the summer box office, it’s not terrific when your opening total is $104 million less than the top spot (which was Toy Story 4, a much kinder and gentler breed of toy).

Many in the industry predicted a slightly higher opening for Child’s Play, especially with the film currently sitting at a healthy 60% fresh on Rotten Tomatoes.  Viewers were less impressed with the return of Chucky, as the film only scored a C+ from ticket buyers surveyed by opening night polling service, Cinemascore

When compared to recent horror films, Child’s Play under performed at the weekend box office.  Both Ma and Pet Sematary had larger first weekends (with Ma earning 18 million dollars and Sematary earning $24.5 million) along with less horror competition. 

The biggest problem for Child’s Play however is the imminent arrival of Ed and Lorraine Warren’s devil doll, Annabelle, in Annabelle Comes Home, due out Tuesday afternoon, allowing Chucky no room to breathe at the box office.  Most films have at least one full week before they face head-to-head competition, so expect Child’s Play to not only drop off sharply next weekend, but also throughout the week. 

Be sure to check out HNN’s Official Summer Preview Guide and come back early next week for a review of Annabelle Comes Home and next weekend’s box office report.             

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