Petition Calls for the Return of ‘The Great Pumpkin’ to Network Television

by Nick Banks

Many people were upset to learn that It’s The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown was not going to broadcast over the cost-free airwaves this season, none more so than Michael Nebbia, who created a petition to protest the move to Apple TV.

Nebbia’s petition boldly proclaims that “We can not let Apple take the football away from us like Lucy always does to Charlie Brown! It’s time for us Peanuts fans to stand up to Apple and Wildbrain Studios (current owners of Peanuts) and show them they’re making a mistake. With this petition, we are making a statement – the statement that #AppleHatesTradition and that the tradition of watching the Peanuts holiday specials should be renewed as soon as possible! All we have to do is sign this, send it off and and share it.

Nebbia went on to say that whether we “Win or lose, we are telling Apple and Wildbrain Studios that we will not fall for their corporate greed. But our goal is to get our Peanuts back on television and bring back the tradition! The time for saying ‘Good Grief’ is over. Now’s the time to take action. Now’s the time to fight back! Do it for Charlie Brown and for Peanuts fans everywhere, young and old!”

The petition currently has over 153,000 signatures.  If you are interested in signing, please follow the link right here.

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