Celebrate National Coloring Book Day with a Page from Life of Agony’s Alan Robert’s Beauty of Horror Two

by Nick Banks

In honor of National Coloring Book Day, Life of Agony’s Alan Robert has provided Horror News Network with a free coloring page from his latest horror-themed coloring book The Beauty of Horror Two: Ghouliana’s Creepatorium – Another GOREgeous Coloring Book (which will be released on September 12th).

According to the official press release, Robert’s second volume “…continues the journey of everyone’s favorite undead girl, Ghouliana, as she mischievously attempts to trick budding colorists into unleashing her deadly spell. Ghouliana has secretly sprinkled her haunted ingredients throughout over 80 pages of Robert’s intricate drawings. The Beauty of Horror 2 features a beautifully chilling red-foiled cover and high-quality paper that will ensure the pools of blood you color don’t leak through the pages.”

Robert (the bassist for Life of Agony and award-winning author/artist of IDW comic book series including Crawl to MeKillogy and Wire Hangers) told HNN that he was “… inspired by my wife and daughter coloring. It was the first I’d heard of coloring books for adults.”

So if you’re in the mood for a little coloring, access the exclusive coloring page here.




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