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‘Dracula of the Apes’ Now Available

Dracula of the Apes picks up where Bram Stoker’s Dracula left off and Edgar Rice Burroughs’ Tarzan of the Apes began. In this horror/fiction hybrid, genre-jumping indie author G. Wells Taylor puts...

Dario Argento Debuts His Book ‘Fear’ At Courmayeur Noir Festival

Dario Argento debuted his autobiography at the annual Courmayeur Noir Festival. Entitled 'Paura', or 'Fear' in English, the book shares stories of Argento's personal life and career. Argento writes, “There’s only one...

‘Death’s Realm’ Arrives January 6th

The next dark horror fiction release from Grey Matter Press seeks to answer the terrifying, age-old question of what death has in store for humanity when the anthology DEATH'S REALM is published...

John F.D. Taff Talks ‘The End In All Beginnings’

Grey Matter Press has recently published horror author John F.D. Taff’s 'The End in all Beginnings.' The impressive collection of novellas has received some truly impressive praise from readers, horror media and...

The Pariahs: A Review

The Pariahs by Erik Hofstatter is a dystopian novella that is told through multiple perspectives yet is connected through an examination of the concept of the outcast, that alienation imposed from...

Literary Horror Makes Comeback With ‘The End In All Beginnings’

Gone are the standard tropes that have become pervasive in modern horror-acts of sexploitation, excessive gore, unnecessary violence, stereotyped screaming ingénues and one-dimensional characters.All have been replaced with masterfully developed and emotionally...

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