‘Death’s Realm’ Now Available Worldwide

The forces of the living have been engaged in an age-old battle with the spirits of the dead for ultimate control over the human soul, and each of us will serve in one of these ‘armies’ at the end of our own lives suggests the new anthology of horror fiction from Grey Matter Press, DEATH’S REALM.

Seeking to answer the terrifying question of what awaits humanity when we die, DEATH’S REALM  features sixteen short stories of horror by critically acclaimed and award-winning genre authors and some of modern horror’s freshest new voices. read more

David L Tamarin releases ‘This Book Hates You’ and ‘Hurting My Toys: Spiritual Suicide’

Extreme horror author David L Tamarin is kicking off the new year with the release of two new books: This Book Hates You, a dark short story collection, and Hurting My Toys: Spiritual Suicide, a nihilistic horror novel.

This Book Hates You is an extreme collection of brutality, violence and black humor, including a story that was originally banned by Amazon Kindle. Hurting My Toys: Spiritual Suicide follows a schizophrenic torturer who believes he will become God after he has killed enough people. Its cover is illustrated by Andrey Iskanov, director of the controversial Philosophy of a Knife. read more

‘The Sunken Cathedral’ Coming in 2015

Grey Matter Press announced today that it will publish the highly anticipated novella by John F.D. Taff that explores the controversial topic of institutional child abuse in a manner that has rarely been attempted, within the framework of dark horror fiction.


Exploring polarizing themes that seem ripped from the headlines, THE SUNKEN CATHEDRAL deals with the concepts of betrayal, loss of childhood innocence, mental and physical abuse, and redemption in a manner that is both horrendously uncomfortable and beautifully moving. read more

‘Dracula of the Apes’ Now Available

Dracula of the Apes picks up where Bram Stoker’s Dracula left off and Edgar Rice Burroughs’ Tarzan of the Apes began. In this horror/fiction hybrid, genre-jumping indie author G. Wells Taylor puts a terrifying twist on a pair of timeless classics. The complete trilogy is now available to download with Book One: The Urn FREE and Books Two: The Ape and Three: The Curse for $3.99 each at Amazon, iBooks, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, Smashwords and


In Taylor’s direct sequel to Dracula, we find the count’s Gypsy servant Horvat has been ordered to preserve his master’s body if the worst should ever happen. Van Helsing’s vampire hunters have reduced Dracula to ashes, so his remains must be kept in a special urn and bathed in blood while en route to South Africa where a mysterious ally will see to his resurrection. read more

Dario Argento Debuts His Book ‘Fear’ At Courmayeur Noir Festival

Dario Argento debuted his autobiography at the annual Courmayeur Noir Festival. Entitled ‘Paura’, or ‘Fear’ in English, the book shares stories of Argento’s personal life and career. Argento writes, “There’s only one thing I know for sure: As long as there’s someone out there to scare, I know I will be a happy person.” Argento discusses topics ranging from his relationships and drug use to his writing process and censorship. The 74-year-old director includes advice for readers as well in his book, with bits of wisdom from his long life. He writes, “Things you say as a kid, write them down, put them aside, and read them again when you’re a man.” The book is what Argento says is his effort to put the record straight after having so many books written about him. read more

‘Death’s Realm’ Arrives January 6th

The next dark horror fiction release from Grey Matter Press seeks to answer the terrifying, age-old question of what death has in store for humanity when the anthology DEATH’S REALM is published on Tuesday, January 6, 2015.

DEATH’S REALM, the latest volume of all-new horror from the Chicago-based publisher, features sixteen tales by critically acclaimed, award-winning genre authors and horror’s freshest new voices whose work investigates what happens at the end of this existence and the beginning of next. read more

John F.D. Taff Talks ‘The End In All Beginnings’

Grey Matter Press has recently published horror author John F.D. Taff’s ‘The End in all Beginnings.’ The impressive collection of novellas has received some truly impressive praise from readers, horror media and industry insiders such as Jack Ketchum, Jonathan Maberry, Kealan Patrick Burke, Michael R. Collings and many others.

We caught up with John F.D. Taff to talk about the book.

Horror News Network: ‘THE END IN ALL BEGINNINGS’ contains five novellas: “What Becomes God,” “Object Permanence,” “Love in the Time of Zombies,” “The Long, Long Breakdown” and “Visitation.”  All are well written and different.  What do you see as the common thread that makes the collection so cohesive? read more

The Pariahs: A Review

The Pariahs by Erik Hofstatter is a dystopian novella that is told through multiple perspectives yet is connected through an examination of the concept of the outcast, that alienation imposed from outside finds a way to invade even the most deepest parts of our selves. The true horror of The Pariahs is how the hope for love, acceptance, and protection can be manipulated, twisted, and can leave us vulnerable to pain and tragedy. The narrative focuses on three characters, Demyan, Akilina, and Taisiya, inhabitants of a nightmarish research facility in Russia. A nuclear disaster has resulted in radiation poisoning, mutations, and extremely unethical experiments by sadistic scientists. Demyan and Akilina are kept in hellish conditions, physically, mentally, and emotionally tortured because of their medical anomalies. Their will to live and see each other again keeps them alive, but just barely. With the help of the mysterious Taisiya, the siblings attempt to escape the vicious institute, but is this aid just another monstrous psychological experiment?  Hofstatter’s prose takes us into the intense psyches of his characters, revealing how the need for contact and validation from other people can keep us human in even the most inhuman situations but can also open us up to the worst sort of exploitation and cruelty. Invoking the cold, clinical barbarity of Thomas M. Disch’s Camp Concentration and Alan Moore’s V for Vendetta, Hofstatter’s novella successfully mixes profound compassion with an enigmatic terror that is manifested in the inner and outer experiences of being human. The only criticism of the work is that the chapters are too short and consistently pull the reader out of the engrossing mindset of the characters. The Pariahs is a suspenseful, darkly profound meditation on the lesser and greater inhumanities we all suffer and perpetuate on each other every day.    read more

Literary Horror Makes Comeback With ‘The End In All Beginnings’

Gone are the standard tropes that have become pervasive in modern horror-acts of sexploitation, excessive gore, unnecessary violence, stereotyped screaming ingénues and one-dimensional characters.

All have been replaced with masterfully developed and emotionally charged tales of personal anguish and pain in the all-new, five-novella collection of horror that has been called a “quiet tour de force” and “the best book of 2014.”

THE END IN ALL BEGINNINGS is acclaimed fiction author John F.D. Taff’s second collection of concept-based horror. It follows his critically acclaimed LITTLE DEATHS, named the “Number 1 Horror Collection of 2012” by HorrorTalk. read more