Capcom Offers Prize Money to Intrepid Monster Hunters

by Nick Banks

To celebrate the release of their new game Monster Hunter: World, Capcom is offering a $70,000 reward for any fearless monster hunters who wish to risk life-and-limb to capture solid evidence of the existence of a variety of cryptozoological creatures.

According to IGN, the video game developer has partnered”…with Jon Downes of The Centre of Fortean Zoology, Capcom is giving hunters until June 30 to provide verifiable evidence of everything from Bigfoot to The Cornish Owlman.”

Downes states that “I’ve spent the majority of my life travelling across the globe to hunt for evidence of these creatures.  Although I have had some successes, I have yet to find that elusive proof and it is time for me to offer my help as I throw down the gauntlet to the next generation.”

If you are lucky enough to find one of the ten cyryptids, Downes and his team will verify the evidence (and you better hope that you are the only one to find one of these critters, since if more than one is found, you’ll also have to split the prize money).

Along with the aforementioned monsters, you can also set your sights on : the Loch Ness Monster, the Mongolian Death Worm, a mermaid, an earth hound, The Yeti/Almasty, the Chupacabra, The Flying Snake of Namibia, and the elusive Yowie.

The contest ends on June 30th, so grab a net, a camera, and get out there!


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