Camera Phone New VOD Trailer

by Rob Caprilozzi

"Camera Phone," the found footage film directed by Eddie Brown Jr., made it's way to DVD in February, and will now be headed to VOD and Amazon in two weeks. The film stars Chelsea Edmundson, Nadia Grier, Troy Ford, David Delao, Jesse
Ferraro, Rebecca Silk, Paxton Carr,Page Tudyk,Fredric Doss, Lien Mya Nguyen, Michael Robb, and Devin Shaw.

"Camera Phone" is a story of a party that took place on March 20, 2010 in a building in Orange County. That night, there was a 911 call that was filed as 'unknown' and the case was hidden from the public. The events that took place at this warehouse are a mystery and there are still no suspects. But, all of that nights events were captured on camera phones at the party. The police have put together the footage to figure out what happened at this party. One person's body was never found and is still missing. It is the belief of the Sheriff's Department that she placed the 911 call.

Check out the new trailer below:

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