Buy / Wait / Rent: April 2019 Blu-Ray Releases

by John Evans

We sift through the new release heap so you don’t have to!

Welcome to Horror News Network’s Buy / Wait / Rent, a monthly article devoted to the most highly-anticipated horror releases on blu-ray. Here you will find the best home video releases of each month, along with our opinion on whether each film is a must-own on the first day of release, something you should wait to buy until it goes on sale, or something you’re better off renting for a one-time watch. And now, on to the notable new releases of April 2019!



Glass will debut on the 16th with about as high of an MSRP as the expectations for it were before the movie came out. Split made its way to the bargain bin shortly after its release, and I expect Glass to follow. Hold off on this one for now, unless you want one of the limited store exclusives, such as the Target exclusive steelbook.



The Alien 4K UHD steelbook has everything going for it: a brand new transfer with HDR, beautiful packaging, and an extremely reasonable price. The only catch is this is a Best Buy exclusive and I expect they’ll be sold out shortly after their release date. I recommend an instant purchase if you want this steelbook. If you’re okay with the standard packaging (which also looks great), you can get this at an even greater price.


Escape RoomThe Green Inferno, and The Witch will likely find their way into very different collections, but they’re debuting at relatively high price points. Shout! Factory will undoubtedly have their new edition of The Green Inferno on sale, but you might lose out on their first run slipcover. Lionsgate have done a great job with their 4K UHD reissues, and hopefully The Witch will be no different. Either way, it’s a safe bet to wait for a sale on all of these titles.



If all Hannibal Lecter fans were asked to make a list of releases they’d like to see available on a 4K UHD disc, Hannibal probably wouldn’t top anyone’s list. Couple that with high release date pricing, and this is a pretty easy title to hold off on purchasing. If this were The Silence of the Lambs, I’d be buying it at any price! But Hannibal can wait.


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