Bury Me Deep – An Article Dedicated to DOOM

Imagine yourself waking up from a peaceful sleep, its the middle of the night and its pitch black all around your room. Rubbing your eyes as you search for the handle to your door your throat is feeling scratchy. You waddle half awake, half asleep, down the hall to the stairs, you freeze. You freeze because once you took your first step down the stairs you hear it, the most grotesque blood curdling groans and disturbing sounds coming from down there, your hand grasps the railing tighter and tighter with each step as the noises get louder the closer you get to the final step the sounds seem to be all around you. Your heart feels like exploding and you wish you never got out of bed, whatever is around this corner is the worst possible thing in the world. Taking a deep breath, you turn the corner…..Your breath almost comes out as a hard nervous laugh while the sweat from your brow runs down. A smile grows on your face as you sit down and realize you just for got to turn off DOOM, you look at the clock, 2:30 am, your hand reaches for the off switch then stops and moves for your game controller, "just one more level, then sleep". Read the article by Clinton Ritchie below.

Check out the Bury Me Deep – An Article Dedicated to DOOM.

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