“Bugged” Graphic Novel Review

by Rob Caprilozzi

Review by: Mike Peluso


Writer: Rich Bernatovech

Artist:  Teyo

Publisher: Drumfish Productions

Release Date: September 2013

Rating: 9 out of 10



Synopsis:  Bugged is the story of unpopular and misunderstood Felix Herbert and how his life changes drastically when he discovers, through a talking roach named Bob, that he has the ability to see the evils that others have committed. Bob convinces Felix that he must use his new powers to right the wrongs of others and enact vengeance on them! This twisted, dark tale asks the question – Will Felix be paying you a visit?



Our Thoughts:  High School and Hell.  The two can very easily go hand in hand.  At that time of life a constant battle is waged pitting you against almost insurmountable and merciless opposition: puberty, peers and above all, acceptance.  Not only does Felix Herbert wage war with these common foes that stand between teens and young adulthood, but he also has the pressure of having to rid the world of mortal sinners.


“Bugged” is a uniquely uncomfortable tale of an awkward teenager that has his fate of being the token high school misfit interrupted by an obligation of grave importance.  


A lot of this story is very reminiscent of a film from 2001 named “Frailty”, which to me is a very good thing.  Felix Herbert isn’t quite unlike what Dad Meiks might have been like in High School.  This intriguing graphic novel written by Rich Bernatovech really brings you back to what life was like back in high school (well for me anyway being somewhat of  a high school loner myself, minus the executing of sinners part).  Bernatovech perfectly captures that sometimes dark time of life and makes Felix very relatable.  I found myself while reading “Bugged” sympathizing with the main character quite a bit.  The strange bond he grew with the ominous cockroach “Bob” added strangeness to the story that really kept you wondering: Is Bob a part of reality or just a product of Felix’s suppressed stress gone insanity?  Teyo’s artwork within “Bugged” is awesomely abstract and adds to the strangeness of Bernatovech’s story.  This book was captivating, edgy and something all successful works of fiction usually are, relatable.  


“Bugged” by Rich Bernatovech and Teyo was a very enjoyable graphic novel that kept me on the edge of my seat and truly rooting for Felix Herbert to hopefully find his way out of his “High School Hell”.  This book is worth more than a look.  Go check it out, it’s available now.

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