Bruce Campbell Puts His Ash Williams Days Behind Him

by Thomas Tuna

Ash Williams is hanging up his chainsaw for good. Or so it would seem.

Bruce Campbell–who brought the intrepid character to life in the Evil Dead film franchise and subsequent TV series–has dropped strong hints before that his Ash days are in the past, but a recent interview confirmed that fact for unhappy horror fans.

Campbell, according to a report on, has surrendered to the physical toll the part has placed on him through the years. The actor starred in the first three Sam Raimi films–The Evil DeadEvil Dead II and Army of Darkness–and then led the Ash vs Evil Dead Starz series for three seasons and 30 episodes.

“I left it all on the table,” Campbell said. “I’ve got nothing else to give. The three seasons were the longest seasons of my life. It just was an endless physical struggle.”

The actor added that the character “pushed all the buttons, and fulfilled his destiny written in that ancient book. He was the guy destined to defeat evil in the past, present and future. What else do you need?”

Campbell–as reported here in Horror News Network–is hardly riding off into the sunset, though. He serves as executive producer of the upcoming Evil Dead Rise film that is scheduled to air on HBO Max sometime next year.

The New Line Cinema entry, Campbell recently said, is “dark. This one’s pretty serious. It has good, strong performances.” He added that he has seen a rough cut of Evil Dead Rise and he thinks it “has all the components. It just has to be tightened. We’re in good shape.”

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