Brief Clip Arrives From ‘Evil Dead Rise’ Before Debut

by Thomas Tuna

It’s all in the book.

Evil Dead Rise–the latest entry in the horror franchise–hits theaters in a couple of weeks, and another teaser has dropped to keep fans on the edge of their seats. Check out the video on this page.

Writer/director Lee Cronin recently opened up on one of the key aspects of the new film that debuts April 21. In an interview with SFX Magazine, the filmmaker explained “there’s a direct connectivity between what happens in this story and the others. They’re in the same world–and it’s happening after Fede’s movie and after Sam’s, but in a world where those stories have taken place.”

Cronin continued with, “If we look at Army of Darkness and the fact that there are three books–Sam used one and Fede used one–and I said, ‘Give me the third one and let me go tell an Evil Dead story in that context’.”

Evil Dead Rise, according to producer (and franchise legacy star) Bruce Campbell, is “very serious, very straight, very gory, very hard-hitting. It’s not going to have too many laughs–other than uncomfortable laughs.”

The film follows Beth (Lily Sullivan) when she visits her older sister Ellie (Alyssa Sutherland) in Los Angeles. But they soon discover the book that will unleash an army of demons that forces Beth to fight for her very survival–as she faces “the most nightmarish version of motherhood imaginable,” according to the synopsis.

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