BOO! Halloween Stories #1 preview

by Brian Uhe

Monkeybrain Comics has provided us a preview of the new BOO! Halloween Stories comic.

Crawling from their Crypts, their Vaults, their Mansions and Houses come twelve of the creepiest, kookiest, corniest horror hosts of print and screen, vying to win the first-ever reality competition based on scary story-telling! Meet The Mysterious Wanderer! Meet Mister Puzzles! Meet Meredeth McMoonwolf, the Spidery Old Hag, Magog and Agog, a half-dozen more eerie weirdos and their host Dyin’ Secrest and find out who will survive – BOO!

October 10

Written by David Hopkins, Jon Morris, Leonard Pierce and R.J. White
Art by Paul Milligan, Jon Morris, Carl F. Nelson and Neal Von Flue







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