Blumhouse Working On Factual ‘Nightmares Of Nature’ Series

by Thomas Tuna

Nature is stranger than fiction.

Blumhouse Productions is teaming up with natural history producer Plimsoll Productions for a different kind of horror series, according to a report on Deadline.

Nightmares of Nature–which does not yet have a platform or network–is a factual series that follows “animal heroes battling to survive the true-life horrors only real nature can offer,” according to the description.

The thrust of the show, as explained, is to blend natural history filmmaking “through a horror lens–a place where trees bleed, zombie snails live and vampire fish reign supreme.”

The show’s executive producers include Jason Blum, Chris McCumber, Gretchen Palek, Grant Mansfield, Alan Eyres, Tom Hugh-Jones and Martha Holmes.

Eyres, Plimsoll head honcho, said “it’s natural to be scared by the things that go bump in the night, but, once you look at the natural world, you find things as terrifying as anything in a horror movie.”

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