Blumhouse Reveals Six Horror Games at Summer Game Fest

by Rob Caprilozzi

On Friday at the Summer Game Fest from the YouTube Theater in Hollywood Park, Blumhouse Games announced six horror video games that were created in partnership with independent developers.

A reveal trailer, which can be seen below, accompanied the announcement that gave a brief glimpse at each of the six games.

The six games that were revealed include:

Grave Seasons is a supernatural murder-mystery farming simulator. Play as the new farmer in Ashenridge as you harvest crops, fish and mine, meet and romance townsfolk, build up the community… and maybe stop the murders.

The Simulation is a never-before-seen horror game is the only evidence found at a crime scene. As a retired game designer hired to investigate the case, you find a hidden mode that plunges you into a rabbit hole of the unknown. As more obscure games are uncovered, cross the fourth wall of their worlds and investigate terrifying truths that transcend their own reality.

Crisol: Theater of Idols asks the player What would you do if your blood were your most powerful weapon? How much would you sacrifice to fulfill your mission? Experience the unholy island of Tormentosa in this twisted first-person adventure full of horror and action where only your blood can be used to defeat the impious creatures that roam therein.

So far very little is known about Project C from Half Mermaid. The game is helmed by Sam Barlow and Brandon Cronenberg, so things have the potential to get very interesting.

Fear the Spotlight is an atmospheric third-person horror adventure with a disturbing mystery to unravel. Sneak into school after hours with Vivian and Amy, survive a seance gone wrong, solve tactile puzzles, and, whatever you do, stay out of the spotlight.

Sleep Awake is a first-person psychedelic horror game set in the far future.

Blumhouse CEO Jason Blum stated that the gaming division feels like a return to the company’s roots. “But this time fans can get in on the action, and immerse themselves in the Blumhouse world,” Blum continued. “I’m proud of the team and we hope this first slate of games will entertain, thrill and terrify players, and we will have more in store for fans soon.”

Stay tuned to Horror News Network for more offerings from Blumhouse Games.

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