Blood Brothers Interview with Gagerman and Waller

by Rob Caprilozzi

Nick and Tree have smoked opium with Genghis Khan, had orgies in Michelangelo’s studio, and even fronted a death metal band. But after a century of friendship, these inseparable vampire buddies are on the verge of splitting up. Terrible timing, as an apocalypse-obsessed villain is plotting an end to humanity.

Best friends . . . forever.

We caught up with writers, Mike Gagerman and Andrew Waller to talk about their new series from Dark Horse Comics, Blood Brothers.

Horror News Network: How did you guys come up with the concept for this title?

Mike Gagerman: Dark Horse brought us the idea of two vampires who have been friends for a thousand years. As two guys who’ve been hanging out together since we were thirteen, Andrew and I felt like we could relate to a friendship with that kind of baggage.

Andrew Waller: We approached it like a classic buddy action comedy, like Lethal Weapon, or Rush Hour. These dudes have seen it all together, but have finally reached the point where they’re growing apart. Now they’re suddenly thrust into a potentially apocalyptic situation and have to get over their shit long enough to save humanity.

Horror News Network: Can you tell us more about the main characters Nick and Tree?

Mike Gagerman: Nick is a guy in the midst of a classic eternal life crisis. After a thousand years of aimless partying, he’s wondering what it’s all about and wants to find some meaning in his life. He’s sort of acting like that kid in college who just read “Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance” and thinks he has to make some really big changes.

Andrew Waller: Tree is like history’s greatest wingman. He sees eternal life as the ultimate playground, where you get to travel the world, sleep with as many girls as you want AND you live forever. Tree doesn’t really get what Nick’s problem is and thinks he’s just going through an annoying phase.

Horror News Network: Can you talk a bit about the vampiric villain in the series?

Mike Gagerman: Ian’s your classic “guy behind the guy” style villain, like an Iago-type. He’s been trying to destroy humanity from behind the scenes for centuries but it’s never quite worked out for him.

Andrew Waller: He was behind the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand to start World War I, he blew up Chernobyl in the 80s. And he has discovered a way to instill someone with the power of vampire mind control. His plan is to create a vampire army and take over the world.

Mike Gagerman: And the guy Ian picks to be his instrument of destruction is like the ultimate vain, douchey, Vegas playboy, Hotel owner Rhodes Ridenhour.

Andrew Waller: He’s like Donald Trump in the body of Joe Francis.

Horror News Network: What can we expect in terms of horror and comedy from this series?

Mike Gagerman: Complete hilarity and bone chilling scares.

Andrew Waller: I was going to say “monster laughs”, get it because vampires are monsters.

Mike Gagerman: We’d like to assure people that the comic is funnier than our answers to these questions.

Andrew Waller: A lot of the humor comes out of the history between these two guys, what they’ve seen together and how well they know each other. They have a millennium of experience to draw from, and we had a lot of fun flashing back to some of those moments. Like in the early 1900’s when Tree sells off their collection of Monet’s for absinthe money.

Horror News Network: Where can our readers find out more about this series?

Mike Gagerman: It’s a new title so at the moment, so we’re not sure really. We will be at Comicon, maybe we’ll try to get people talking about us, get in the tabloids with an upskirt or something.

Andrew Waller: Nobody wants to see that.

Horror News Network: In closing, what would you guys like to say about Blood Brothers?

Mike Gagerman: First off, we were thrilled to have skilled artists like Juan Doe for the cover and Evan Shaner for the interiors. They’re both amazing artists and brought a lot of style and vision to the story. And the guys at Dark Horse have been great to us, we hope to work with them again.

Andrew Waller: I was a comic book collector growing up, and my hope is that this summer, some kid is reading this comic book at camp and passing it along to all his friends. That’s how I read comic books and I’d like to pay it forward.

Horror News Network: Thanks for your time guys! Best of luck with this series!

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