Bloober Team Drops Gameplay Video For ‘The Medium’

by Thomas Tuna

Limber up your fingers! To get gamers ready for the release later this month of the new psychological horror game The Medium, Bloober Team has unveiled an extensive gameplay video.

Bloober Team said in a prepared statement that this 14-minute gameplay clip–check it out on this very page–highlights the different perspectives, environments and powers players will experience. And gamers won’t have long to wait–The Medium will be available for Xbox Series X/S and PC on Jan. 28.

The video, as explained, follows the medium Marianne as she explores “the real and spirit world both alternatively and simultaneously, showcasing the split-screen dual reality gameplay system that will see you play in two locations at the same time.”

In the game, Marianne possesses several psychic abilities she must combine “to overcome the threats and obstacles of both worlds–such as the protective Spirit Shield and the more potent Spirit Blast.”

The video also debuts the game’s primary antagonist–The Maw, voiced by Troy Baker. The Maw can also travel between the real and spirit worlds, pursuing Marianne through both realms. In the spirit world, The Maw is visible, but in the material world, it becomes invisible–but also blind, so it must rely on its hearing to find Marianne.

The Medium–rated “M for Mature”–is described as the “most ambitious project to date” from Bloober Team, the studio behind such horror games as Layers of Fear (2016), Observer (2017) and Blair Witch (2019).

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