‘BioShock’ Film Adaptation Finally Coming To Netflix

by Thomas Tuna

Shocking! Netflix is breathing small-screen life into another genre video game franchise.

The horror/sf video game BioShock from Take-Two Interactive is being adapted for the streamer, with Vertigo Entertainment and Take-Two producing the film, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Very few details have been released at this early juncture, so stay tuned for announcements on a director and screenwriter in the near future.

The notion of a BioShock film has been bandied about for some time now, with Gore Verbinski reportedly interested in an R-rated adaptation of the game as far back as 2008. That deal eventually fell through.

The original BioShock game, released in 2007 from 2K Games (a subsidiary of Take-Two), is a first-person shooter game that features “a crumbling underwater city called Rapture. Its society is fragmented by a civil war, with many inhabitants addicted or using a genetically enhancing serum that gives them powers.”

The inhabitants also live in fear from Big Daddies, “mutated humans who have been merged with diving suits. Into this world is dropped the game’s protagonist–Jack–a survivor of a mysterious plane crash in the Atlantic Ocean.”

The popular video game franchise–which has sold more than 39 million copies since its launch–includes BioShock 2 and BioShock Infinite, as well as multiple rereleases, remastered editions and bundled collections.

Netflix has a solid track record with video game adaptations, led by the successful series The Witcher–starring Henry Cavill–which already has a spinoff and an anime film in the offing.

Keep reading Horror News Network for more updates on this BioShock adaptation on Netflix.


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