Bernie Wrightson Announces Retirement Following Health Problems

by Rob Caprilozzi

On Monday, a Facebook post co-written by Bernie Wrightson and his wife Liz announced the retirement of horror artist, Bernie Wrightson.

The post mentioned that Wrightson suffered a fall last November and started to experience problems with perception. After another brain surgery to relieve bleeding, it now appears that the artist may have lasting damage which limits functions on his left side which include walking or reliably using his left hand.

Back in 2014 the artist was admitted to the hospital after suffering a string of strokes. It was found out that he had to have surgery to remove a brain tumor.

The message concludes on a high note stating that Wrightson can still sign his name and is otherwise pretty healthy.

Wrightson was awarded a “Special Recognition Inkwell Award” in 2015 for his 45-plus years of work, and a “Horror Comic Achievement Award” in 2011 for his outstanding contributions to horror comics.

We here at Horror News Network are keeping Wrightson in our thoughts and are hoping for his speedy recovery.

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