‘Benny Loves You’ Trailer Puts Spotlight On Dark Toy Story

by Thomas Tuna

A new horror movie that hits theaters next month may make you look at that old, moth-eaten teddy bear tossed in the back of your closet in a whole new light.

Benny Loves You–from filmmaker/actor Karl Holt–tells the harrowing tale of a childhood toy with a murderous mind of its own, as reported by collider.com.

The film is slated for theatrical release May 7, and will be available on-demand May 11 and in a Blu-ray version June 8. But you can get a sneak peek in the video below.

The movie–with the ominous tag line, “Don’t throw him out”–starts innocently enough. Jack (Holt) receives a red, plush stuffed toy when he’s a young boy, a gift he holds onto into adulthood–when he decides to make some changes in his life.

After the accidental death of his parents, Jack wants to sell the family house and, in so doing, throws out his childhood belongings. Including his plush toy, Benny. Bad move, Jack.

Turns out Benny doesn’t appreciate being tossed aside, and decides to do something about it. With the help of a very sharp knife. What follows isn’t pretty.

Holt–whose horror resume includes Unearthed (part of last year’s The Pandemic Anthology and 2011’s Negative Image–wrote, directed and starred in Benny Loves You.

The rest of the cast includes Claire Cartwright (Souljacker) as Dawn, David Wayman (The Dead Inside) as Phil, Greg Barnett (Messalina’s Offer) as David, Anthony Styles (Ripper) as the bad cop, Darren Benedict (Harlot) as the good cop and Lydia Hourihan (Affected) as Tara.

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