Bates Motel: Season 4 – Episode 8 Recap

by Rob Caprilozzi

Recap by: Lady Bastard

Bates Motel – Season 4, Episode 8: Unfaithful

Synopsis:  Norman refuses to share his mother; Mr. & Mrs. Romero stand their ground;  Dylan breaks free

Overview (WITH SPOILERS):  Things are a little frigid at the Bates home.  A chilly awkwardness overcomes Norman and his mother who both grew accustomed to being apart.  The honeymoon hotbed of Mr. and Mrs. Romero is frozen over until Norma finds the guts to tell Norman the truth about their marriage. Oh, and the furnace breaks down.  Norman randomly grills Norma about her life in the house without him while he was at Pineview, from the newly sewn curtains to how often Sheriff Romero needs to stay there to make their sham marriage seem real. They volley back and forth the pros and cons of things changing over time.

Alex pushes Norma to tell her son the truth which she promises to do when the time is right.  Norman tells Alex that as soon as he gets his own insurance, the divorce papers can be filed. The sheriff warns Norman to step back when accused of taking advantage of Norma’s vulnerability.  Norma is furious with the ultimatum Norman dished Alex. She tosses the not-a-sham truth at him and he barfs in reply. He refuses to talk about it as they check into separate rooms at the toasty warm Bates Motel. Alex meets up with his wife in her room prompting Norman to sneak into the adjacent room. He listens through the wall then pokes a hole through the sheetrock in time to watch his mother and stepfather get busy.  The next day Alex joins mother and son for dinner.  When the adults in the room try to convince the child that he will get used to all of the changes, he loses his shit. He scolds his mother for every ounce of suffocating love she gave and then questions how she could possible expect him to accept another man in the house. Norma slams back and tells Norman that he has to get used to her being in love with Alex. Norman storms out and violently splits wood by the side of the house. When Alex tries to get him to agree that his mother deserves a lover, Norman wields the ax at him then turns it to the house with shouts of hatred. Alex declares to Norma that he’s moving back in.

Rebecca is taken into custody at the airport by the DEA under suspect of laundering money for Bob Paris. When she insists that she is leaving the slums of White Pine Bay to be with her sick mother, the cards are laid out on the table; she is given the choice to throw Romero under the bus or go to prison.

Dylan and Emma are ready to head north. Dylan, Emma, Norma and Norman go Christmas tree shopping before they leave town.  Norman gives Emma his blessing over her future with his brother.  Dylan tells Emma that he’s happy to be leaving his crazy family.

Opinion: The rollercoaster of comfort levels between the reunited mother and son is brilliant; glances of stranger-danger sandwiched between laughs of familiar intimacy.  Alex and Norma are really cute. Broken, sexy and crazy…but cute.

Keeping the Creepy Score: 2 – Their time apart really has put a damper on the creepy.  Granted he watches his mother shag her husband through a hole in the wall but he needed to know for sure…right?

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