Bates Motel: Season 4 – Episode 6 Recap

Recap by: Lady Bastard

Bates Motel – Season 4, Episode 6: The Vault

Synopsis:  Norman sees the other side; Dylan takes time for everyone; Norma chooses love

Overview (WITH SPOILERS):  Norman’s therapy continues with talks of those who keep him company while he blacks out.  Dr. Edwards mentions “Dissociative Identity Disorder” and tells Norman that when he is his mother, she’s a charming person.  Dr. Edwards pushes for Norman to remember more about his father, Sam.  Under a hypnotic state, a 7-year-old Norman relives a scene in which his drunk father hugs him, apologizes and tells him he loves him. During their next therapy session, Imaginary Norma appears on the couch and tells the doctor of the horrendous night when she tried to run away with Norman. Sam caught them, threatened to kill them all and raped his wife while their terrified son hid under the bed.  She warns Dr. Edwards that he cannot allow Norman to remember these moments she worked so hard to help him forget.

Romero visits Rebecca at a restaurant and slips her Bob Paris’ safety deposit box key under the bin of sweeteners. When she asks him how much money he wants, he replies, “None,” then leaves.

Norma halfheartedly attempts to locate Caleb.  She tries harder when Chick threatens to tell the town and her husband that she slept with her brother and bore his child.  After speaking to Caleb, she decides to shoot Chick but loses her nerve. When Chick shows up at the house with the new window, Norma dares him to spill the beans to Romero. Chick tells her to enjoy her window, kisses her on the cheek and leaves as he hands Romero the invoice for the window.  Norma tells Romero every last word about her familial past, noting that she never loved anyone enough to feel obligated to be so honest.  Romero stands by his gal.

Dylan visits Norman at Pineview where they play croquet and maturely discuss his therapy. Norman gives Dylan and Emma his blessing.  After telling Norma how well Norman seems to be doing, he reveals that he is moving to Seattle to be close to Emma.  Dylan gets a call from Caleb who clarifies that he took off abruptly in hopes of keeping everyone else safe.  Caleb declares his love for Dylan just as he did to Norma.  When Dylan goes back to the house to pack more of his things, he discovers a note Norman wrote to Emma under his nightstand. The contents prompt Dylan to view the motel’s reservations where he discovers an Audrey Ellis from Sacramento who checked in on December 2nd but never checked out.

Opinion: Vera Farmiga brings every layer of Norma’s fabulousness back in this episode: vulnerable, coquettish and batshit crazy when it comes to protecting those she loves. I’m glad; I’ve missed the whole Norma. Still loving the return of Hogan. What’s with the kiss, Chick?

Keeping the Creepy Score:  0 – Nothing to write home about this week.

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