Baggage Review

by Chris Conway

By Blood E Bastard


Baggage Review


The short subject or short film is a unique subcategory of cinema. By definition, these are live action films usually running under 60 minutes. When the Oscar for these films are given out for the most part this is a good time to take a bathroom break or refill your drink.  Not because the films are substandard, but because typically the generally public never gets to see them. Like the novella or short novel,they are distinct from their longer counterparts in structure and tempo.

 Baggage is one such short I recently had a chance to watch. Reminiscent of an episode of an anthology show such as Tales from the Crypt or Alfred Hitchcock Presents, the film concerns Benjamin a geeky office worker who seems to be a few colors short of a full box of crayons. While from the first scene of the film we are lead to think he has a less than normal relationship with his girlfriend the narrative quickly and unfolds as we get to see a day in the life of Benjamin and the secret he guards so strongly.

 Due to the nature of the story, I cannot give to much away with spoiling the surprise, but suffice it to say Baggage is a competently made horror short with good acting, fine camera work and sound editing/score that lend themselves nicely to the narrative. If you come across it at a festival or on a website,it is well worth the 15 minutes of your time to see a well made short horror film that will stick with you longer than it took to watch it!

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