Back From The Dead! Netflix Planning ‘Castlevania’ Spinoff

by Thomas Tuna

The whispers heard around the popular Castlevania franchise have been given full voice: Netflix will continue the animated horror series with a brand-new spinoff.

Castlevania–based on the Konami video game series–will end its run after its fourth season (which began last month), but another show will rise from its ashes, according to

This currently untitled project reportedly will be set in 1792 during the French Revolution and will spotlight Richter Belmont (son of Sypha and Trevor) and Maria Renard. Check out the tweet on this page for a sneak peek.

Director Sam Deats said he plans to take the lessons he has learned over the last four years “and apply them to something new. And hopefully, it won’t be as hard this time around.”

Executive producer Kevin Kolde added that the creative team has “lived with these characters in this part of the Castlevania timeline for the last four or five years–and now, we’re going to venture elsewhere in the timeline. These are great characters to work with, and I’m excited to develop them.”

Assistant director Adam Deats agreed with those sentiments. “I’m excited and it’s scary,” he said, “because we did a story that has an ending and was final in its own right. But we’re going to keep marching forward and that’s always scary.”

Castlevania–which debuted on Netflix in 2017 with just four episodes–was created by Warren Ellis and produced by Frederator Studios. The actors giving voice to the animated series include Richard Armitage, Graham McTavish, James Callis, Emily Swallow, Matt Frewer, Tony Amendola and Alejandra Reynoso.

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