B.P.R.D. Vampire #1 Review

by Rob Caprilozzi

Review by: Phil Hill

B.P.R.D. Vampire #1
Writer: Mike Mignola, Gabriel Ba & Fabio Moon
Artist: Gabriel Ba & Fabio Moon
Publisher: Dark Horse
Release Date: March 27, 2013

Synopsis: Agent Anders of the B.P.R.D. is plagued by dreams from a pair of vampire sisters that have been placed inside his subconscious. The hunt begins for the rest of the vamps.

Our Thoughts: I haven’t read the preceding stories involving Agent Anders. I am interested to find out more. These vamps do not sparkle. Their ruthless and have no morals. Even without reading the previous B.P.R.D 1940’s series I was able to catch on.

Story: Agent Anders is angry. In order to save his life in the previous story the Professor slammed two vampire spirits into Agent Anders consciousness. He’s angry and decides the only way to excorize the vamps is to kill the rest of their coven.

Art: WOW! The art that Mr. Ba and Moon have created is eerie and dark. The simple lines and shading are intense and the first few pages showing the aftermath of a massacre are creepy fun. Great visuals.

“B.P.R.D. Vampire” #1 is start of new vampire hunting adventure. This being in the Mignola universe there is no guarantee of success. This comic is laying down the groundwork for the story. Great artwork made up for the slow burn on the storytelling front, but I am definitely intrigued.

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