AX Review

By Christine Caprilozzi , Sr. Editor

Written and directed by Michael Coulombe, “AX” is a horror short that begs the question “What drives a man to madness?” The film is a psychological thriller which takes place after the brutality has already happened. Todd James Jackson plays a man who is coming to terms with the fact that he has just killed his beloved wife. With that said, seeing this man wandering through the woods, and the story playing out over flashback sequences, is what draws the viewer in. The editing and camera angles also helps add to the deranged feeling of the film.

Jackson gives a standout performance as he plays a man going through a wide range of emotions. From sadness, to sobriety, to numbness, to insanity, this man’s mental state is more unsettling than many blood and gore scenes.

“Ax” from Bear Claw Film and By the C Productions is a short horror film that shows a lot of promise from both the writer and the main actor. You will walk away from this one wishing it was longer.

Rob Caprilozzi
Rob Caprilozzi
Rob Caprilozzi created Comic Monsters in 2004 and eventually expanded the site in 2009 to Horror News Network. Born out his love for all aspects of horror, Rob still remains hardcore comic fan. You can keep up with him on Twitter @RobCaprilozzi.

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