Autograph Collecting: The Exorcist TV Series Edition

by John Evans

Welcome to Horror News Network’s Autograph Collecting, an article devoted to exploring the autographs of the talented people who bring us the horror content we love. Today, we will take a look at the autographs of the people behind Fox’s The Exorcist television series.

When a new show hits the airwaves, autograph collectors primarily need to look for pieces that were signed in person for autograph collectors at locations like airports, outside restaurants, on the red carpet, etc. When a show becomes more popular and has run for multiple seasons, fans tend to have more opportunities at official signatures by means of convention signings, officially licensed autographed trading cards, and private signings. The Exorcist is kind of unique. While it is a new show with many new faces, Fox and the showmakers have created several unique opportunities for fans to collect autographs in order to drum up hype for the show. This article will track those various opportunities.

7/22/16: SDCC Panel & Signing

For attendees of San Diego Comic Con, gaining entry to an official signing can feel like winning Willy Wonka’s contest! Different studios have different procedures, but most of time time winning a spot in line comes with a little bit of luck and a little bit of being in the right place at the right time. The 11×17 posters that were signed at SDCC are some of the nicest signed items available for The Exorcist to date. Lucky fans walked down the line as their posters were signed with nice full signatures by Geena Davis (Angela Rance), Alfonso Herrera (Father Tomas), Ben Daniels (Father Marcus), Hannah Kasulka (Casey Rance), Brianne Howey (Kat Rance), and Jeremy Slater (Creator). Here are the posters I have been able to obtain from this signing:


7/23/16: SDCC Appearances

Both Hannah Kasulka and Brianne Howey stopped to sign autographs for collectors before and after official appearances related to San Diego Comic Con. Because no images of them in the show existed at the time, the photos that were signed were mostly studio and fashion stills of the two actresses. Here are the 8×10 photos I have obtained from these signings:



9/18/16: Son of Monsterpalooza Advanced Screening and Q&A

Lucky attendees of the Son of Monsterpalooza convention in September were able to watch the pilot episode of The Exorcist early and attend a Q&A session about the show. Hannah Kasulka and Brianne Howey even signed autographs for fans! Once again, images from the show were not widely available, so they mostly signed either the same 11×17 poster that was available at SDCC, or similar promotional artwork. Here is the poster I was able to obtain from the event:

Twitter Contests

Jeremy Slater, the show’s creator has been known to offer some great contests on Twitter for signed scripts from the show. This scripts are signed by many of the same folks who signed the SDCC posters, but also include Alan Ruck (Henry Rance), making them the most complete cast-signed items available at this time. Horror News Network recently retweeted a post by Slater, announcing a contest. I don’t have one of these yet, but you can be sure I’m searching like crazy for one!

2016 Christmas Card for Members of the Hollywood Foreign Press

Fox has made a holidy tradition of sending hand-signed Christmas cards based on their biggest shows to members of the Hollywood Foreign Press. This year’s card is only signed by Geena Davis (Angela Rance), but it is certainly a premium item. Between the nice clean signature, the beautiful textured card, and the clever message in gold lettering (MAY YOUR SOUL BE OVERCOME WITH THE SPIRIT OF THE HOLIDAY SEASON), this card is a must-have for any fan of The Exorcist. Here is the card I am lucky to have in my collection:

 So there you have it, all of the autographs widely available for Fox’s The Exorcist to date. Stay tuned to Horror News Network for more talk about the autographs of other horror favorites!

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