Art The Clown Stars In Bloody Trailer For ‘Terrifier 2’

by Thomas Tuna

Some clowns make children smile with delight–think Bozo or Ronald McDonald. Others make adults scream in terror–think Art the Clown from Terrifier 2, due to haunt movie theaters later this year.

And Art is back in all his gory glory, as reported in, in the sequel to the surprising 2016 hit slasher film Terrifier, complete with a trailer (check it out below) that teases just enough of his maniacal mayhem.

Apparently, there’s mayhem a-plenty in this “terrifying” sequel, according to the official synopsis. “After being resurrected by a sinister entity,” the synopsis explains, “Art the Clown returns to Miles County, where he must hunt down and destroy a teenage girl and her younger brother on Halloween night. Pray you don’t get in his way.” Not your father’s trick-or-treat.

Terrifier 2–written and directed by Damien Leone (the same filmmaker responsible for the original movie)–stars David Howard Thornton (reprising his role as Art the Clown), Lauren Lavera, Elliott Fullam, Sarah Voigt, Kailey Hyman and Casey Hartnett.

Leone, in a recent interview, seemed particularly excited about one scene he wanted to shoot for the sequel. “The scene will involve mass casualties and the destruction of the location,” the director said. “But it is the context of the scene that makes it so original. We’re aiming to create a scene so shocking and iconic that people will talk about it for years to come.”

The original Terrifier–which starred Thornton, Jenna Kanell and Samantha Scaffidi–followed Art the Clown’s murderous rampage through a decrepit apartment building on another Halloween night.

That film–produced by Leone, Phil Fallone and George Steuber–didn’t make a big splash at the box office, but gained enough of a following on streaming platforms to warrant a sequel.

Keep reading Horror News Network for updates on Terrifier 2, including an exact release date.

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