Arowana Media Holdings Acquires Film and TV Rights to ‘Vampirella’

by Rob Caprilozzi

Mike The Pike Productions, Inc. has announced that its subsidiary Arowana Media Holdings has acquired the worldwide film/television/streaming rights to Dynamite Entertainment’s Vampirella, including stories, characters, and derivative works of the Vampirella universe.

Mike The Pike Productions CEO and Producer Mark B. Newbauer states, “We are thrilled with the opportunity to bring this amazing character to screen in a big way. Nick Barucci, founder and CEO of the prolific Dynamite Comics, is an incredible visionary with an eye for story, and a talent for integration into the zeitgeist.”

“He and everyone at Dynamite have resurrected this character in a significant way over the past decade and this latest run with Priest feels like it’s just the beginning of her next 50 years and beyond. We are truly grateful for the faith and support of Dynamite, Nick, and their reps, including producer/manager Ford Gilmore of Illuminati Entertainment.”

“Vampirella has become (and as of 2021 remains) the longest-running English-language vampire comic book of all time, its latest run, helmed by Christopher Priest (Black Panther), is its most successful yet, with more issues sold in its 50th anniversary than any previous year and it continues to gain momentum in popularity as new readers discover Vampirella’s timely storyline.”

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Por69 March 5, 2021 - 9:38 am

Have been a Vampirella fan since the mid 70’s. I can’t wait till either a movie or TV series sees the light of day. With the success of The Boys on Amazon, I don’t think there’s ever been a better time to unveil Vampirella to the masses. I hope the film/show goes along a hard story based arc almond the lines of G.O.T, , Deadpool, Logan and the Spartacus TV shows. Good characters, strong stories, quality acting, and lashings of blood soaked action set pieces.
I just want viewers to take Vampirella seriously, and not be put off by her costume. The storylines over the last 52 years prove that Vampirella is so much more than a flimsy outfit.
Regarding the outfit, I think a sculpted suit based on the Barbara Leigh costume, applied to the actress like a prosthetic would be the best way to get ultimate movement, but not become indecent.

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