Arnold Schwarzenegger On James Cameron’s Upcoming ‘Terminator’ Film: “I’ll Be Back!”

by John Evans

Fans of The Terminator have a lot to look forward to these days! In January, we reported that the rights to the franchise will revert back to James Cameron in 2019, and that he will be producing a new film with Tim Miller (Deadpool) directing. In March, Paramount removed an unnamed Terminator sequel from its release schedule, a likely indicator of the rights expiring and the studio’s lack of interest in progressing the lukewarm storyline of Terminator Genisys. All of that time, it was unclear if Arnold Schwarzenegger would be returning to the franchise. He will be notably absent from the upcoming film, The Predator; and despite the adoration of millions of hardcore fans, his name isn’t the marquee draw it used to be. However, recently at Cannes Film Festival, Arnold confirmed to Screen Daily the one thing that his rabid fan’s want to hear for the new Terminator movie: “I’ll be back!”

Schwarzenegger confirmed that he has already met with James Cameron about the project and that Cameron has some creative ideas for continuing the franchise. Here’s what he had to say:

“It is back. It is moving forward. He [Cameron] has some good ideas of how to continue with the franchise. I will be in the movie.”

There you have it… a new Terminator movie under the creative guidance of James Cameron and starring Arnold Schwarzenneger! Fans dreaming of Arnold’s triumphant return to the silver screen with a bonafide smash hit may finally get what they’ve wanted all this time. And for the real dreamers out there, Schwarzenegger also confirmed that the Conan The Barbarian reboot project isn’t dead… just being rewritten: “It’s being rewritten…the idea is to do it.”

I’ve got just one thing to say to that comment:

Stay tuned to Horror News Network for more details on the upcoming The Terminator and Conan The Barbarian projects as they break!


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