Army of Darkness vs Hack/Slash Interview with Tim Seeley

by Rob Caprilozzi

After the events of the HACK/SLASH series, Cassie is trying to live a normal life. Of course things won’t be normal for long as a Deadite attack forces her back into action. Used to working with a partner, this time Cassie will find herself teaming up with Ashley J. Williams. The question is, can they get along in order to complete their quest to find the stolen pages from the Book of the Dead. Another question is, will Ash get some sugar?

We caught up with creator, Tim Seeley to talk about the Army of Darkness vs. Hack/Slash comic coming from Dynamite Entertainment.

Horror News Network: How did this super-powered horror crossover come together?

Tim Seeley: We’d been talking about it for a few years. I can’t even remember the exact way it came together , maybe it sort of willed itself into existence!

Horror News Network: Can you talk a bit about writing Ash in this series?

Tim Seeley: Ash is an arrogant, over confident man-child. On the other hand, despite his attempts to sabotage himself, he’s a good person. So, I mean, he’s kind of all of us really, which I think is his appeal.

Horror News Network: How long after the final Hack/Slash issue does this series take place?

Tim Seeley: About 5 or 6 months.

Horror News Network: Does Cassie know of Ash prior to meeting him in this series?

Tim Seeley: They’re familiar with each others reputations…”horror hunters” work in a pretty small circle.

Horror News Network: Your creation, Hack/Slash has crossed over with some memorable movie characters including Chucky and Herbert West. How is this crossover with Ash different than the previous ones?

Tim Seeley: Well, those guys were “villains” where as Ash is a “goodie goodie two shoes” but that doesn’t mean they’re won’t be fighting.

Horror News Network: How many issues will this series be?

Tim Seeley: Six.

Horror News Network: What can we expect in terms of blood, guys and deadites?

Tim Seeley: It’s a gorier story than the typical H/S story, and a bit darker than the average AoD story. But there’s deadites and slashers and cultists and all kinds of awesome.

Horror News Network: In closing, what would you like to say to our readers about the Hack/Slash Army of Darkness crossover?

Tim Seeley: If you’ve every been a fan of either, or both franchises, I think you’ll dig this. It’s a dream project for me, and I’m putting everything I can into it.

Horror News Network: Thanks for your time Tim! Looking forward to this series.

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