‘Are You Afraid Of Darkseid?’ Anthology Set For Halloween

by Thomas Tuna

DC Comics has a special treat for horror fans this Halloween–and it involves one of their biggest, baddest and scariest villains.

Darkseid–the powerful lord of Apokolips in the DC Universe–will be part of a horror anthology slated to hit comic book shops Oct. 5, as reported by gamesradar.comAre You Afraid of Darkseid? will be a special one-shot issue packed with horror stories to complement the spooky season.

DC did not share specific story plots or list the various creative teams behind the anthology, but the comics giant did invite readers to “gather ’round the fire because it’s time for that most terrifying of traditions–campfire stories so scary you’ll never sleep without a nightlight again.” The price tag of $9.99 suggests an oversized page count for this issue.

Darkseid, as comics fans well know, is a major player in the Fourth World saga for DC–one of the greatest creations of the legendary artist-writer Jack Kirby. Darkseid is perhaps best-known for his constant wars against the New Gods, but the imposing villain also spread his evil web into other corners of the DC Universe, often battling the likes of Superman and the Justice League.

At this point, it’s difficult to tell how much Darkseid will contribute to the anthology–or if the stories will be just inspired by his frightening presence–so keep reading Horror News Network for the latest on this Halloween offering from DC Comics.

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