Archie Comics Horror Line Adds ‘Chilling Adventures’

by Thomas Tuna

Archie Comics is showing its darker side–with some stories you won’t see around Pop’s Chocklit Shoppe in Riverdale.

A brand-new horror anthology–Chilling Adventures in Sorcery No. 1–is planned as a special one-shot title that will expand upon last year’s Madam Satan comic, as reported by Check out the cover for the issue, which will hit comic book shops Nov. 3.

In this issue, Madam Satan will host a collection of terrifying tales “as she tries to escape from Hell,” according to the synopsis. “Each new Circle of Hell Madam Satan enters during her escape features another horror-fueled tale, starring Riverdale characters and filled with nods to such horror titles as The Twilight ZoneEvil Dead 2 and Five Nights at Freddy’s.”

The 32-page comic–priced at $3.99–is written by Eliot Rahal, Amy Chu and Evan Stanley and illustrated by Vincenzo Federici, Derek Charm, Evan Stanley, Pat and Tim Kennedy, Matt Herms and Jack Morelli. The covers were rendered by Julius Ohta and Francesco Francavilla.

Jamie Rotante, Archie’s senior director of editorial, said this comic is just the first in a series of anthology-style one-shots from the publisher going into next year. “This horror anthology is the perfect love letter to both classic Archie titles and the more modern stories,” he added. “The genre has a timeless appeal for audiences, and I believe that is a factor in the excitement over Archie horror comics.”

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