Another Legend Lost – RIP Angus Scrimm

by Larry Dwyer

I was probably about 14 years old, sitting in my friend Chris’ bedroom, his walls plastered with color cutouts from Fangoria magazines and whatever posters he could beg off of our local video stores. Everywhere you looked you’d find Hellraiser or Bad Dreams (one of our favorites) or Phantasm scenes in bloody color. I watched Phantasm for the very first time in that bedroom. Chris sitting on his bed and me sitting on the floor, both of us geeking out as the Tall Man sent one of his spheres into someone’s head sending out a gush of crimson blood.

I remember how excited I was to meet Angus Scrimm years later (1992, I believe) at a Fangoria’s Weekend of Horrors in New York. It was my second convention and every time I tried to get in line for his autograph, it stretched around a wall into some abyss that I couldn’t even see the end of. I was getting bummed because it was nearing the end of the show and his line had not grown shorter…I figured I was going to miss him. Five minutes later he approached me in the dealer room and said he’d seen me a few times that day and asked if I wanted to take a picture with him. The Tall Man, this perfect gentleman in a well-cut suit, seeked me out because he didn’t want someone to go home empty handed.

That story is one of the reasons that when I decided to get my arms sleeved with my favorite horror movies, Angus Scrimm got a well placed spot directly on my outer wrist to be seen by all.

Unfortunately, that was the only time that I’d ever met Angus Scrimm. We shared a few words and had a quick laugh and he was everything that you would never imagine one of the horror genre’s best villains to be. He was a true gentleman and a class act and he will be missed by all of those that he’s touched in one way or another.

Stay gory my friends,

Larry Dwyer

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