‘Annabelle: Creation’ Scares up a Number One Debut at the Box Office

by Nick Banks

The summer of 2017 has been full of big budget disappointments and smaller films that were not able to capture moviegoer’s interests (and more importantly, ticket purchases).

And when it come to horror films, unlike 2016’s bumper crop of summer hits such as Lights Out, The Conjuring Two, and Don’t Breathe, no genre picture was able to get horror fans into the theater…until now.

Annabelle: Creation easily won the weekend box office with an estimated $36 million dollar take and is poised for a profitable run at the box office, with no worthy competition until the release of Stephen King’s It on September 8th.

The film benefited from a savvy marketing campaign from New Line Cinema, including screenings that took place months early to a handful of critics that allowed the film to sit at 100% on Rotten Tomatoes for nearly six months leading up to the film’s release.  The film would eventually drop to 68% on the all powerful review site, but the buzz about the improvement in quality over the first film certainly struck a chord with ticket buyers.

New Line also juiced the audience with a four minute It preview and two end credit scenes that hinted at future installments in “the Conjuring Universe”, which will most likely continue to attract horror fans to the David F. Sandberg film.

Stay tuned for further updates on the horror box office and the Horror News Network’s Fall Horror Preview, coming in late August.

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