‘Annabelle Comes Home’ Trailer Features The Demonic Doll and Some of Her New Friends

by Nick Banks

The latest entry in The Conjuring franchise features not only the MVP of the group, that porcelain-faced rascal Annabelle, but a host of new and old friends in Gary Dauberman’s directing debut, Annabelle Comes Home.

The first trailer for the sixth entry in New Line’s cash cow puts the focus directly on the Warren’s world famous museum and many of the denizens contained within.  Annabelle, as the ring leader, stirs up the rest of those haunted and demonic critters and it appears that “all Hell breaks loose” while Ed and Lorraine are away investigating a case (and when will those baby sitters ever learn to stop snooping around that house).

Annabelle Comes Home’s director is no stranger to the Conjuringverse, having written four out of the six films in the series, including the original Annabelle, Annabelle: Creation, The Nun, and Annabelle Comes Home (as well as a little movie called It).  It also appears that Patrick Wilson and Vera Fermiga will appear in the film more than original reports suggested (the appearance of the Ed and Lorraine were thought to be more cameos than full roles when the film was first announced).  Steve Coulter also returns to the series, reprising his role as Father Gordon and he is joined by newcomers Mckenna Grace as Judy Warren (last seen in Netflix’s smash hit The Haunting of Hill House as young Theo),  Madison Iseman (Jumanji, Goosebumps 2), and Katie Sarife (Youth and Consequences).

As is the case with The Conjuring films, Annabelle Comes Home is bound to generate further spin-offs (ala Annabelle herself and The Nun).  Let’s just hope we don’t get a movie dedicated to that haunted rocking chair…

Annabelle Comes Home opens in the heart of the summer season on June 28.

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