Animal Horror Strikes Home In ‘Endangered Species’

by Thomas Tuna

Accomplished horror filmmaker M.J. Bassett may make you think twice about going on that African safari for your well-deserved vacation.

Bassett’s latest feature–Endangered Species–opens in theaters and on VOD May 28 and will be available on Blu-ray and DVD June 1, according to The thriller is directed and co-written by Bassett, working alongside his daughter Isabel Bassett (who also stars).

The rest of the cast includes Rebecca Romijn, Jerry O’Connell, Philip Winchester, Michael Johnston and Chris Fisher. Check out their work in the trailer on this page.

Endangered Species, according to the official synopsis, takes place “beneath a brutal African sun” as Jack Halsey takes his wife, their adult children and a friend “for a dream vacation in Kenya.”

But, as so often happens in these horror flicks, things go south before too long. The group ventures off alone into a wilderness park where their van “is flipped over by an angry rhino, leaving them injured and desperate.”

And things only get worse. Two members of the party go in search of help, but “a bloody, vicious encounter with a leopard and a clan of hyenas incites a desperate fight for survival.” Is it too late to change travel agencies?

Bassett’s horror resume stretches back to 2002 with Deathwatch, and continues with Wilderness (2006), Solomon Kane (2009), Silent HillRevelation (2012), several episodes of the Starz TV series Ash vs Evil Dead (2015-2016) and last year’s Rogue.

And Romijn is right at home in this horror entry. “I am a lifelong horror and gore fan,” she said in a recent interview, adding that she loves the original Vanishing. “That really scared me,” the XMen actress admitted. “That stayed with me for years. So scary.”

Keep reading Horror News Network for any updates on Endangered Species before it hits theaters next month.

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