Andrea Riseborough Added to Supernatural Thriller ‘Geechee’

by Sean McLaughlin

The debut big-budget project from writer-director Dubois Ashong is really starting to take shape nicely.  Deadline is reporting that Andrea Riseborough (Mandy, Black Mirror) has agreed to a lead role in the upcoming feature Geechee.  She is the first one to be announced for the film, which is also the first wide-release effort from rookie Ashong (Where the Water Runs.)

Geechee tells the tale of Wren, a scientist that decides to abandon the city life with her son and settle in the remote islands off of the eastern coast of the US.  There she falls in love with the area and the residents, but soon discovers that potentially sinister forces and spirits are overtaking the world around her.  Co-producer Glendon Palmer is very supportive of the director’s vision.  “From treatment to script, Dubois has created a terrific supernatural thriller that is only elevated by the addition of the amazing Andrea Riseborough,” Palmer says.

Riseborough is certainly no stranger to horror fans, and has a few upcoming films that will further cement her status within the genre.  She will star as Detective Muldoon in the January 2020 reboot of The Grudge, and will appear alongside Jennifer Jason Leigh in the upcoming Brandon Cronenberg project Possessor.

Production for Geechee is set to begin in early 2020.  Keep it tuned to HNN for more news on this film as it develops!

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