Anathema Book 1 Review

by Rob Caprilozzi

Writer: Rachel Deering
Chris Mooneyham, Wesley St. Clare
Titan Comics


Synopsis: Dark cults! Haunted souls! Forbidden love!

When the love between Sarah and Mercy falls foul of Sarah’s puritanical father, it sets Mercy on a blood-drenched path to redeem her lover’s soul. But to bring an end to the monstrous cult who would cast Sarah into Hell, Mercy must take on the power and fury of the Werewolf!

This is a witch’s broth of legendary Hammer horror films and pulp horror comics!



Our Thoughts: Anathema is a horror collection that comes to us from Titan Comics on May 13th.  With at description that mentions cults and a werewolf there is no doubt that we were foaming at the mouth to check this out.


It is great when you can actually sense the writer’s love for horror comics as you read the story they have crafted. Werewolf comics are near and dear to many horror fan’s hearts, and are not always the easiest to do well in comics. Rachel Deering puts forth an incredible effort with Anathema.


The artwork is tag teamed by two artists, Chris Mooneyham and Wesley St. Clare. Mooneyham, known for his unique work on Five Ghosts, brings his “A” game with the work he contributes to this series. Wesley St. Clare has the unfortunate duty of continuing the art process where Mooneyham left off. St. Clare does a commendable job, however, it almost seems like this story was made for Mooneyham.



With that said, Deering’s tale against the dark brooding artwork makes for an outstanding read for those who tread on the more sinister side of comics. If you love Hammer horror films and things that go bump in the night, Anathema is a book that you will not want to miss.

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