An American Vampire: The Long Road to Hell Review

by Rob Caprilozzi

By Mike Peluso

"An American Vampire: The Long Road to Hell" Review

Writer: Scott Snyder
Artist: Rafael Albuquerque
Publisher: Vertigo
Release Date: June 12th

Synopsis: Fan-favorite character Travis Kidd—the vampire hunter who likes to “bite them back”—makes his return in this new AMERICAN VAMPIRE one-shot!
It’s a story burned deep into the American psyche: two young lovers, a stolen car and the open road. But these young lovers are newly turned vampires trying to fight the bloodsucking urge inside them. To make matters worse, they’ve got a pack of angry vampires on their tails—plus bad-ass vamp-killer Travis Kidd. He’s tracking the “Heartbreak Killers” across the heartland, but can he stop them before it all ends in tragedy? This one-shot special sets the stage for the AMERICAN VAMPIRE relaunch later this year!

Our Thoughts: Eisner Award winner Scott Snyder once again brings us another bite of Vampiric Americana like only he can! "An American Vampire Special: A Long Road to Hell" One-Shot is an unsettlingly historic depiction of how a down on their luck couple from the late fifties might deal with the early onset of Vampirism. Scott Snyder is super talented at quickly creating an emotional attachment between the characters in his story and the reader. I felt for Bill and Jolene and how these tormented souls just couldn't catch a break. "American Vampire: A Long Road to Hell" has the perfect balance of misery, romance and nosferatu hyper violence. Believe it or not, the romance had its place! I am the most "anti-Twilight" person you will ever encounter, yet I feel Bill and Jolene's relationship made this an excellent story with dreadfully dark dynamics. One way the doomed couple would initially deal with their undead disease would be to feed only on evil people. I thought that was a phenomenal aspect of the main characters psyches and truly feel that would be a method that many nocturnal newbies would use to cope and tame the guilt. Rafael Albuquerque's artwork in "An American Vampire Special: The Long Road to Hell" is superb and truly captures the feel of the late fifties era. His illustrations of a nostalgic Nebraska night, plagued with menacing bloodthirsty maniacs, truly makes Snyder's story seem like a tale right out of a High School Psycho Studies text book! This one-shot's heart draining ending even caught me off guard. It truly had that Romeo and Juliet meets Fright Night finish. An American Vampire Special: The Long Road to Hell’s tragically fitting conclusion was just the icing on the blood pudding to a very moving horror comic.
The team of Snyder and Albuquerque deliver once again with this one-shot. "An American Vampire Special: The Long Road to Hell" is in stores now. Go grab your copy today Horror Historians!

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